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Rahul Purav is an integral part of Visual Digital Imaging in India since 1990. After graduating as a Commercial Artist from Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts, he got himself introduced to computer education in software programming and workflow design during final year of graduation, It was a change that was required for getting into using technology for creative arts in the early days.


Been a Visual Arts Graduate it took quite some efforts to start learning computer Languages like Basic, Cobol, Dbase, C and OS like Unix.That helped in getting the basics of software and hardware very strong when it came to understanding and implementation of softwares and processes.

Designing workflows for applications got Rahul into analytic mode before implementing any application. This was backed by a strong visual educational support which has enabled him to face critical challenges in early days of Computer Arts.

Learning Video technology was much needed for final deliveries, video signals, protocols, resolution, bit depths, keying, color correction online support, compositing various factors were bestowed in Crest Communication. An extremely Healthy Creative Battle Ground where technology was introduced and everyone had to put in their expertise to test Crest Communication moulded Rahul to evaluate and come out with solutions. Mentored by Shyam Ramanna the scion of Indian Animation and Post Production Industry, he ensured every bit of technology was implemented to its optimum for artistic intent.


Rahul Purav is associated with Futureworks Media Ltd. since 2007 and has successfully executed and implemented critical projects and workflows for Image Processing.

His quest of knowledge and hunger for innovation has kept him abreast with the latest imaging technologies for artistic visual creative intent.


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