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Grey Scale



I have been requested by various people to talk about my work and development which I have proactively undertaken and implemented for various projects, this has been my real motivation and forte for years to keep moving ahead, using technology to visualise and execute visual narrative to its optimum, 

I am using this platform to talk, share and would like to discuss about some of the hot topics in post production and its allied fields. 

“Machines are tools on my pallet & Displays are my canvas"

I have always chased my Vision and Goal. 


My sincere thanks to Gaurav Gupta and entire Futureworks Team for initiating and supporting every endeavour we undertook, each and every department who stood with me always. Shyam and Seema for standing with me during critical situations in early post production days, thanks to my colleagues from Crest, Pixion and Shemaroo. 

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